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Shipping Info
We usually ship 2 or 3 times a week. We ship USPS and USPS first class for International orders. We do not send confirmation emails other than the one automatically send by our store. You will get one from Paypal with transaction number. We do not send out shipping confirmation when your order is shipped. We will email you if there is a problem with your order. If you need a rush order or special shipping, please email first and we'll see if it's possible. Please don't put off till the last moment. Also, please check the address we get from paypal is correct. That's where we will ship it. We don't know your “new address” unless you have it updated on your paypal account. As a backup we ask you to fill in the form for the order completely! SO YOU NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT!

General Merch Info
The Tshirts we use are Hanes Heavyweight 100 percent cotton, or an equivalent American style shirt. The workshirts we use are mostly "Dickies" but we also have some "Red Cap" stock. We do not use the cheap imported shirt that other bands usually use.

The football and basketball jerseys... we actually buy the material, and have them cut and sewn and then printed. The sizes run larger on these. We call it Venice sizing. We also have the basketball Jersey's in size XXL now.

The Possessed to Skate deck will be available for Christmas. ST will also be making a limited run of complete boards, with limited edition ST trucks. More info shortly.

When you order your credit card billing will be listed as "Triple M". This is the band merch company. If you have any problems or questions about new or old orders, or about ordering, you can email

If you want to order using Aussie dollars please email for info.
We also are opening a Australian Branch and will be shipping some merch from Australia and have the new Aussie Cyco tshirt coming out soon.

Wholesale Accounts
Email BHGMUSICK@AOL.COM attn: Mr. Z about opening a shop account.

Lastly, Thanx for all your support. Suicidal Merch is more popular then ever! The band has been back touring around the world the last year and is looking forward to another great year next year with several new releases out finally. We'll be bringing back some classic ST related merch, and also doing some collaborations with other companies. Earlier this year there was a Suicidal model shoe put out by Syndicate/ Vans and coming out next year there will be a couple new ST vans model shoes and other accessories, and many more exciting things and news to come shortly. Thanx and wear your ST gear with pride.